National Signing Day

Today marks a huge day for college football programs across the country as the nations top recruits choose the school they’ll attend for at least the next three years. The obvious conferences that were sure to shine in this regard were the SEC, ACC, and the Pac-12. The top programs at this year’s deadline ¬†were Alabama who had the top ranked recruiting class in the country as well as USC and Florida St. who all landed a few five-star recruits to go along with several four-star players. The SEC had five of the top eight schools in terms of recruiting and the defending national champion Buckeyes were the top school in the Big 10 coming in at seventh.

The consensus top overall player in the country was a defensive end from Florida named Byron Cowart who opted for Auburn instead of Florida St. The Seminoles absolutely crushed the Sunshine State in terms of in-state enrollees. Florida is usually ripe with talent and this year proved to be no different with 11 of the top 27 five-star recruits according to being from there, four of which choosing to be Seminoles.

Looking at the other schools across the country, Oregon seemed to have a down year in terms player signings as they didn’t crack the top-15 despite being a runner up in the national championship game. Notre Dame came in at number 12 in the country with 12 four-star recruits headlined by two linebackers from Indiana and WR Miles Boykin from New Lenox.

The Big Ten recruiting race went to defending national champion Ohio State who hauled in 14 four-star commits. Penn St. finished second in the conference followed by Michigan St. and then Nebraska. Illinois had a surprisingly good haul with two four star recruits including a running back from Nashville. For Michigan and new star head coach Jim Harbaugh the first recruiting day wasn’t very good as they finished second to last in recruiting and even fell behind Northwestern in the BIG 10 recruiting rankings. Michigan as of national signing day had only got 12 players to commit to the school despite having the highest paid coach in the country. Don’t look for this continue on an annual basis as Michigan is expected to be among the top programs in a very short time.

The top player in the state of Illinois was defensive tackle Terry Beckner Jr. from East St. Louis. He varied in terms of rankings with ESPN having him extremely high at number two in the country, had him at 36. Beckner Jr. chose the Missouri Tigers earlier this morning.