National Championship Game Proved What?

As I changed the channel to “The Bachelor” because the BCS Title game was quickly turning into the Eddie Lacy Show with guest appearances by Amari Cooper and A.J. McCarron, I pondered existentially: why is this game happening? I mean, doesn’t the NFL do tiebreakers by common opponents? Let’s take a look at the one common opponent both teams played and simply break that down. Not much to break down, the Crimson Tide opened the season in the “Kickoff Classic” at Cowboy Stadium with an emphatic 41-14 romping of Michigan that at the time was between the #2 and #8 teams. Then we look at Michigan traveling to Notre Dame 3 weeks later and we see a final score of 13-6 in which Denard Robinson played terribly and Notre Dame just managed to hang on for the eventual win that was pretty anticlimactic, and more so was just poorly executed game plans on both sides.

This is not the only example of why Notre Dame shouldn’t have been a part of the festivities last night but rather just the most direct correlation between both teams. The only team that was going beat Alabama this year was either Georgia, who gave it a pretty good college try and the Heisman Trophy winner. I think that merits repeating – the only player that beat Alabama was the Heisman Trophy winner. If you win the Heisman based on your performance from one game, than whoever you beat is a dominant program. Again this has all been said before, but what Johnny Manziel did continues to grow in folklore as something extraordinarily special. Last night’s game wouldn’t have been made any different if some other team was on the field with ‘Bama. We all saw what Gene Chizik did to Chip Kelly’s spread attack 2 years ago, and that was Gene Chizik (Unemployed). Nick Saban is starting a dynasty in Alabama, and with his 3rd championship in 4 years he’s making a strong case for team of the century.

Notre Dame was overmatched and it forced viewers like me to have to channel surf all night, eventually coming across The Bachelor who has a got a woman with half an arm. I mean how long does the guy have to continue to give her the rose before he has gotten past the sympathy stage. The BCS has proven this year to be more of a sham than in years past and the results of every bowl except the Sugar Bowl prove this to be the case. However it’s not the BCS, it’s the SEC. The SEC owns players’ admiration and until the talent pool starts to spread out there is no competitive balance in College Football. The SEC went 6-3 in their bowl games this season and there were upsets in all but one of those losses.

Until the players from the Gulf and West Coast start to choose schools like Nebraska and Michigan over Alabama and Florida this is going to be the trend for the next quarter century. No playoff format is going to fix this; the only thing a playoff format is going to do is pin the top 3 SEC programs against some Pac-12 school that will be rudely shown the door during the first half of a National Semifinal. Don’t be mad “Golden Domers,” I and everyone else in America didn’t think you should’ve been there in the first place, and by falling down 21-0 before my pizza arrived I got to have something to talk about with the ladies in the office.