My New Verizon Toy – The iPhone 4

It arrived, finally, after months of thousands of Americans rumoring and anticipating the arrival for the iPhone 4 offered through Verizon Wireless. After the lines slowly shortened and disintegrated away,  more Verizon customers, including myself, were going home with the iPhone 4 with smiles of excitement for days on end. Not to mention, it’s probably been glued to the palm of their hand ever since they walked out of the store with it.

After nearly two weeks of playing with my new favorite “toy”, I have to say that I don’t think I will ever get a different phone ever again. Having everything I need at hand at all times, makes life a lot less chaotic and much more organized. Also, as an avid Apple supporter, it makes syncing my computer’s calendar, photos and contacts to my phone much easier than when I had my LG mobile Verizon phone.

I feel that that Verizon carrying the iPhone 4 was a very smart move on both companies part (Verizon Wireless and Apple), being able to offer and market the Apple product to a different demographic and cellular device supporters. Even though, compared to AT&T, Verizon seemed to have a slow start to getting it’s iPhones out the doors with their customers, the fact that it is available with a  different provider other then AT&T gives prospective iPhone-ers an option of who they would like to be provided by. I’m excited to see how the competition between the two providers heats up during this next fiscal year.