MLB Entry Draft

Top High School player in America

The First Year player draft will be aired tonight on the MLB Network at 6pm CDT.  Top prospects include Byron Buxton HS OF (GA), Mark Appel SP (Stanford) and  Mike Zunino C (Florida).  An interesting story this year is the changes in the signing process of draftees. With a hard cap slotted for teams to pay players, the draft is clearly in need of some smarts by GMs. Gone are the good old times when big money markets could draft studs out of HS and overpay them to get them into their system. These picks were considered high-risk because the kids had the option of taking the scholarship or the signing bonus.

The new cap provides an even playing field for teams. The emphasis is on scouting and evaluation. The three players mentioned previously are no-brainers; Appel and Zunino are in college and being a high pick maximizes the amount of money they can receive.  However, Buxton – who will either go one or two to the Astros or Twins – can go off to college and spurn the signing bonus, although this is not likely.

This affects teams most after the first round of the draft.  Players who don’t get offered the huge bonuses to spurn college are more likely to take the scholarship and develop the maturity that goes playing at the college level.  Obtaining a ollege degree also provides a kind of insurance if career prospects are forestalled or terminated prematurely by injury.

The Chicago Cubs own picks 6th, 43rd, and 56th picks in the 1st round (supplemental).

The Chicago White own the 13th and 48th pick in the 1st round (supplemental).