Minnesota Wild

Recently Signed 13yr $98 Million dollar deal

The Minnesota Wild have shelled out nearly $200 million and a quarter century of contracts to secure the two top free-agents on the market this offseason. Zach Parise and Ryan Suter both agreed to identical 13yr, $98 Million dollar deals over the weekend. Parise is a native of Minnesota and went to the locally prestigious hockey prep school Shattuck St. Mary’s, which probably played a big part in his decision-making process. Parise led his former team the New Jersey Devils to the Stanley Cup Finals this past season (losing in 6). Parise had a tough finals and decided to spurn his old team to return home for one of the most lucrative deals in NHL history.

Ryan Suter was courted by the Detroit Red Wings as the top defenseman on the market and turned down another $90+ million dollar deal to go to Minnesota. Suter, a former Nashville Predator, was paired with Shea Weber on the blue line, who is also regarded as one of the top-tier defenseman in the NHL.

With the addition of these two marquee free-agents the Minnesota Wild have added scoring and grit in two swift moves.  Parise and Suter complement a hockey hotbed paired with a beautiful stadium, which should bring Minnesota back to the forefront of the hockey universe. As the recent history has shown, teams can come out of nowhere to surprise the league. The Stanley Cup Final was between an eight- and a six-seed, with the eighth-seeded Kings taking the Cup.  The Wild have stiff competition in their division (Northwest) and they needed to do something to inspire their fan base. They may have pulled themselves a little closer to perennial powerhouse Vancouver with these moves. Expect sales to go way up for season tickets with reinvigorated enthusiasm amongst the fans because of the big spending.

Will this help Minnesota overcome Vancouver in their Division?

Can Minnesota compete with the additions they’ve made?