Midway Airport ranked No. 1 in flight delays

The airline and airport performance data was released today, and Midway Airport was ranked first in most flight delays out of any of the other 28 U.S. airports.

November was one of Midway’s most delayed flight months. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, three out of every 10 flights departed Midways at least 15 minutes behind schedule in the month of November.

Even delay-prone O’Hare International Airport ranked No. 10 out of the top U.S. airports, according to the data. The data also showed that in November, 85 percent of O’Hare’s departures operated on time.

Many believe that the delay issue can be traced to Midway’s dominant carrier Southwest Airlines. In November, Southwest recorded an all time low on on-time arrival rates, 79 percent.