A Midsummer Tranquility

Now what? As we all prepare to get away this holiday weekend, there will be no gathering in Solder’s Field for a quarterfinal match between the US and Argentina. There will be no Carmelo Anthony news, there will be no Blackhawks blockbuster, and if you’ve been monitoring the baseball in the midst of all this soccer nationalistic revelry you’re the only one. So what’re we all going to do with the rest of our summer until football kicks off in approximately 10 Sundays from now. Sure the Cubs are going to trade everyone but Theo and the beer vendors, but how can a city of such terrific fans be put through a now seemingly two month layoff between excitement.

The fact of the matter is simply that this is the time in every year when sports, television, work and everything takes a back seat to family, friends, barbecues,┬ábeaches and boating. The city will be buzzing this weekend and for the rest of the summer because July fourth marks the middle of summer. That’s right, the summer’s half over already and before you know if your boss will expect you to do something other than walk in with a hangover and sunglass tan-line.

This time of year is when everything slows down and has a more indelible feel to it. Memories are easier to make and for the majority of mine they seemingly all came from the summer. To people like myself, I plan on doing a lot of golfing and a lot of eating. Up early to frustrate myself over eighteen holes then off to some social gathering where I try and tell the funniest story.

Things to look out for in the near future of the sporting world if you’re so inclined would be the trading deadline which is fast approaching. The start of Bears training camp, and the looming decision of Carmelo Anthony who apparently got a private workout from Derrick Rose to try and woo him to the second city. To everyone who actually found this article and read it thank you and god bless America.