Mayor Emanuel Perfumes Turd – Free Sunday Parking to Start Early!

Mayor Emanuel announced that his Free Sunday Parking program will start this Sunday, June 16th, in many parts of the City.  Free Sunday Parking was the much-publicized hard-fought win used to justified longer parking meter hours the other six days of the week.  According to the Mayor’s press release, “Prior to the parking meter deal, the majority of the city enjoyed free parking on Sundays.  Now, residents will once again enjoy free parking on Sundays.”

“Everyone in Chicago deserves a day of rest from the awful parking meter deal, and the sooner that relieve can begin the better. I am proud to have fought for and won free Sunday parking for our city’s neighborhoods,” said Emanuel. He added, “We will always remain vigilant and steadfast on behalf of the taxpayer.”

In a related folksy observation, it should be noted that prior to the parking meter deal, the city enjoyed prospects for annual parking meter revenues to meet the needs of its residents. Now, the city will once again enjoy parking meter revenues in 71 years.