Lynch Leads Way (Again!)

NIU’s quarterback, Jordan Lynch is 23-2 since assuming his starting role two years ago.  Next week he’ll more than likely finish off an undefeated season with a trip to another MAC Championship at Ford Field.  Last night Lynch scored four times while amassing a combined 468 yards through the air and ground.  Lynch has been the most dominant player in the MAC during both of his seasons. Last year he suffered a one-point opening-day loss to Iowa, only to rattle off twelve straight wins before being forced to realize his limitations against FSU in last year’s Orange Bowl.

It’s that bowl loss to the Seminoles that’ll more than likely keep the Huskies from getting another BCS bid. After all, NIU was given its opportunity to be taken seriously by FSU only to be held to a measly ten points and overwhelmed defensively.  One year later and Lynch is a senior facing the last three games of his college career.  He’s the reigning player of the year in the MAC and will more than likely be recognized as such again this year.  Lynch will have to prove to his doubters that he can be an effective NFL’er one way or the other, whether as a slot receiver or a QB. The emergence of Russell Wilson should help Lynch’s case in that respect.

Lynch stands at 6′-0″ with a very good arm and the ability to extend the play.  While nobody is saying that Lynch resembles anything like a Johnny Manziel, it’s safe to say that Lynch will get a shot in the pros either as a late-round draft choice or as an undrafted free agent.  Lynch’s 8,750 yards and 82 TD’s certainly count for something after all.  His last three games might even put him over 10,000, which is possible given the upcoming competition and the “defense is optional” expectation that tends to come with a MAC Championship game.

As it stands now, if NIU does go undefeated and gets to 13-0 they’ll probably play against Arkansas State in the Go Daddy Bowl. That’s of course unless a miracle happens and the BCS opens up for them to get a bid to an at-large bowl.  Unfortunately, three unbeatens from BCS conferences makes this improbable.