Love Lost for Braun

This will be a very short article, because there’s really nothing to much to say about Ryan Braun.  When Braun was initially found to have violated the league’s steroid policy he came out and adamantly denied ever using PED’s and in doing so blamed the person who Braun indicated had (mis)handled the test. Braun then received the NL MVP while continuing to proclaim his innocence.  Now Braun’s decided to cut bait by admitting his guilt and leaving his last-place Brewers to go fishing until reporting day for pitchers and catchers next February.

Ryan Braun, I am a baseball fan. I am also a fan of honesty and integrity. There’s no amount of apologies that’ll make me like or respect you…ever.

Melky Cabrera was given a 50-game suspension in the midst of the Giants championship run.  At the time, Cabrera was leading the NL in average and not only took his benching by MLB with dignity, he told MLB to not consider him for the batting crown and told his team he didn’t want to mess up the chemistry and therefore sat out the entire postseason.  That doesn’t make Cabrera an excellent human being – after all, he seems to have gamed the game big time for a while – but at least he knew to fess up at first instance and take his lumps like a man.  Braun, however, went the “Livestrong” route by endlessly proclaiming his innocence so that he could play while getting the ill-deserved benefit of the doubt.  Good luck giving advice to your teenage kids some day.

MLB, why are you cutting Braun slack?  He seems to have blatantly used his superstar status to supersede the testing process.  He blamed someone else, and in so doing undermined the integrity of the testing personnel and process.  To add insult to injury, the Milwaukee Brewers will be picking in the top 5 of next year’s draft – so for Braun to go away for a bunch of games right now is no big deal.  The cure seems worse than the disease.

I might now ask, rhetorically, what does MLB have in mind for other named Biogenesis players like Nelson Cruz, who is major player in this year’s pennant race both in the AL West and the AL Wildcard?