Latest on Lindsay Lohan

The latest development on the necklace scandal involving Lindsay Lohan- she has an ace up her designer sleeve. A witness who has come forward that will blow the prosecution’s claims out of the water, her father Michael Lohan told in an exclusive new interview.

Accused of stealing a necklace the store claims is valued at $2,500 Lindsay is facing felony charges, but a new witness will offer solid evidence that may keep the 24-year-old “Mean Girls” star out of jail.

“A man contacted Lindsay’s camp and told them he went into the jewelry store way before Lindsay did and was interested in buying the necklace,” Michael revealed to

“They told him it was $800.”

According to Michael, the man heard about Lindsay’s predicament and came forward to tell his side of the story about the necklace, and he has volunteered to testify for Lindsay if there is a trial.