Late Nights & Early Mornings Deemed Classic

Marsha Ambrosius of R&B group Floetry proves that she can make it alone with her solo debut “Late Nights and Early Mornings.”

The English songstress, a former basketball player, bounced back from a 70-pound weight gain in one year. After two years of regaining health and strength, she returned with a new look and a new sound.

She reached out to the listeners with her debut single “I Hope She Cheats (With a Basketball Player).  A single that men and women can relate to about being bitter about an ended relationship.

A second more soulful, deep and meaningful single “Far Away” gained national attention. The song created suicide awareness as she tells the story of a friend who committed suicide after being ridiculed and attacked for being homosexual.

Marsha Ambrosius speaks about having many male influences which empowers her to be an outspoken female artist. In this classic, soulful album, Ambrosius has no problem singing about being wrong, breaking up, crying and sexual needs.

Ambrosius’ voice is so soothing and relaxing. You can play this hit album from beginning to end with no interruptions. This album is the true meaning of R&B with the perfect combination of vocals, lyrics and relativity.