Keefer’s: The veal chop that left your mouth watering

Tired from driving six hours and feeling mellow after a 90 minute massage, I stumbled into Keefer’s, a staple of Chicago’s eateries.

I had a few glasses of wine and was really not in the choosing spirit after glancing through many options. On top of that I had forgotten my reading glasses, making the process even harder. My hotel bed and room service were really saying, “Henri it’s time.”

However, being the food snob that a French chef is, and knowing hotel room service, I decided to ask the waiter what he recommended, and without hesitating, he said, the veal chop, on the specials of the day.

After another glass of wine, the chop came.

The presentation was simple yet elegant, without being too fussy. After one taste I was glad I stayed. The grilled veal chop was cooked the way it should be, medium rare. The chop was accented with light brown sauce, wild mushrooms and even pieces of braised veal.

The pieces of braised veal were different in a good way, a combination I had never experienced. It gave the dish a country side to it.

Anyway, I made it back to my hotel feeling happy. I recommend this eatery to anyone looking for a good bite to eat.

A bientôt!