Jordan and Pippen On Hand For Chicago’s Win Over Charlotte

Chicago-   “After last night, we just didn’t have it.” Said Charlotte coach Paul Silas, talking about the Bobcats’ 20 point win over the Lakers last Monday.  Even with the Bobcats big win the momentum didn’t carry over for a win against the Bulls Tuesday night.

Derrick Rose and Loul Deng were to much for the Bobcats combining for 42 points taking the Bulls to their 37th win.  “It’s great just seeing Michael and Scottie sitting there,” Deng said.

Both teams looked good, the Bobcats bench put up 43 points led by Gerald Henderson with 22 points.  The Bulls had hard times before containing Gerald Wallace, but seemed to have a good hold keeping him to only 6 points in his 38 minutes played.

For the Bulls Kyle Korver had a perfect game making 5 out of 5 shots to add 15 for Chicago.  “You can’t leave him open. Everybody knows he can’t do anything else but shoot. You have to respect him as a shooter. He can’t really do anything else, but if you let him sit out there and shoot he’s going to kill you.”  Said Charlotte guard Stephen Jackson.

Omer Asik looked good bringing down 7 boards in 14 minutes.  Derrick Rose had a great game with 18 points and 13 assists.  Boozer helped get the Bulls to their highest lead of 15 scoring 16 for Chicago.

The Bulls are currently sitting third in the Eastern conference only two games behind the Boston Celtics.  They have one game left before the All-Star break coming against the really tough San Antonio Spurs who are leading the Western Conference by seven and a half games Thursday night.

Derrick Rose will represent the Bulls in Los Angeles on Sunday as a Starter for the Eastern Conference All-Star Team at 7pm on TNT.