Japan’s Radiation Epidemic

While bringing in a flight from Tokyo into the O’Hare International Airport, the passengers set off its radiation detectors.  Mayor Richard Daley has addressed the issue, but offers no details except that federal officials will be handling the situation.

Since the powerful hit of the 8.9 earthquake and its devastating tsunami following, Japan has suffered great casualties and damages.  One of which being the Fukushima number one nuclear power plant that suffered extensive damages and resulted in potential leaks of radioactive steam.

Just this morning, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces used helicopters to spray water on its containment vessel.  As an extra step in precaution, many locals have been evacuated from the premises, where some have even fled the country.  Other countries, including Taiwan and South Korea have reported detecting radiation on travelers from Japan.

As a response to this latest epidemic, other countries have been working to spread awareness to its natives as well as sending in help to control the rise in radiation.  Chicago’s City Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie Andolino also spared details in regards to this occurrence, only to say “We are working with Customs and Border Protection on this issue.”