Road win for the ages

James Harden hits a massive 3-point Fg with 28.8 to go.

Russell Westbrook has had a magnificent night (23, 12, 4, 4), with the biggest road game in their franchises history thus far staring them in the face (The Seattle SuperSonics were beaten soundly by the 96′ Bulls) the OKC have come up with a performance for the ages. They will get a chance to close it out on Wednesday night in front of a crowd that’s been compared to Arco in the early 2000’s. Big shots down the stretch lead the way. The Thunder withstood a heavy push by Parker and Duncan and a close call at the end.

It was the Thunder’s night and anyone who thought the road team would start becoming a trend definitely got their money’s worth. Look for the Thunder to be a prohibitive favorite, could become a resemblance of Game 6 of the Finals when the Lakers were humiliated at the Boston Garden in 2008.