Is Rahm Emanuel Eligible for Mayor?

Several citizens are attempting to prevent former President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel from running on the ballot for the City of Chicago Mayoral race. 

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass reported Wednesday Rahm Emanuel was purged from the voting rolls twice in the past year and then re-instated even though he didn’t live in Chicago.

Many are wondering if his residency in Washington D.C. disqualifies him from being mayor? According to Emanuel’s communications director, Ben LaBolt, no it does not.

In a telephone conference with the news media Wednesday LaBolt said, the election law says that a candidate must have residency in Chicago for one year.  It does not matter, that his current residency is in DC, as long as he is still eligible to vote here in Chicago.

According to LaBolt, Emanuel is still registered to vote here in Chicago. His driver’s license is still registered in the State of Illinois, and he still currently owns his home here in Chicago, which he is paying property taxes for.

It seems that some candidates might be scared of Mr. Emanuel, as the basis of petitioning to keep him off the ballot, is nothing more then ‘Chicago Politics.’