Hawks-Blues Could Get Ugly Tonight

This Chicago Blackhawks host the St. Louis Blues tonight at the UC and in doing so will try to enact revenge from their only regulation loss of the season to date. If you recall last week the Blackhawks were beaten with less then a minute to go by a slap shot from the point.  Since then the Blackhawks have shrugged off the loss and have kept churning onwards as they’ve won their last two contests to be back  in the thick of the Western Conference. Tonight’s return to Chicago should see a lot of physical play and more than likely some solid fisticuffs.

The Chicago Blackhawks are not off to last year’s record-setting pace but by that standard neither is any other team. Sure the Sharks and Avs are 6-0-0, but nobody truly believes either of them are the dominant team the Hawks were last year. The St. Louis Blues are also playing well, which is another reason this game will be such a highly contested affair.  It’ll behoove the Blackhawks to try and repay the favor by inflicting a regulation loss.  If the Blues can make it into overtime that’ll irk the Blackhawks something fierce even if the Hawks win. The Blackhawks and Blues don’t like each other at all; they like to outplay their opponents in a very similar way.  The Blues seem constructed from the bottom up to dethrone the Blackhawks in the Central Division.  This is one of those rare situations where the competition between the second- and third-place bridesmaids is far more compelling that anything the bride can offer.