Golden Voice For Hire

It is something like a Cinderella story, a journalist with his camera helped take a pan-handler with a special gift to an overnight celebrity.

He has what many are calling a “golden voice,”  Ted Williams, 53, a homeless man who stood on the side of a road in Columbus, Ohio and held his sign like he did everyday when he got his big break.

Doral Chenowith, a reporter and Web producer for the Columbus Dispatch, who had only stopped to give Williams a dollar, got more than he had bargained for when Williams opened his mouth to speak. According to reports, Chenowith returned a week later with his Flip camera to capture the voice, that had so captured him.

The video which was posted on the web, went viral, received millions of hits and helped launch Williams into instant stardom. Since he has landed in the national public eye, he has received a number of promising job offers including the Cleveland Cavaliers and has been hired as the new voice of Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese.

In an interview on the “Today Show” Thursday morning, Williams talked about his childhood visit to a radio station that sparked his interest  and prompted him to practice and polish his on air voice. He also admitted to alcohol addiction, which led to his pitfall of both drug and alcohol abuse. But, Williams has now been sober for two years.

Williams also said that it is his new found faith that ultimately brought about this chance for redemption.