Garza throws 30 in a pain free bullpen session!

Chicago Cubs’ ace pitcher, Matt Garza, appears to be ready to deliver in 2013.  Garza is entering the final year of his contract that allows him to become a free agent after this season, during which he is making $10.25 million.  So it’s very much in his interest to pitch well considering he is 29 and his next contract would likely be the last lucrative deal of his career.

The Cubs are sitting pretty with a lot of pitchers who are trying to get paid. Matt Garza can effectively pitch for at least 3 or 4 more years.  He has pitched in two very good divisions over his career, not to mention the World Series run in 08′ when he won Game 7 of the ALCS.  At the time, Theo Epstein was a reluctant witness to Garza’s performance that came at the expense of his Red Sox’s attempt at a repeat title.

Epstein has until July 31st to figure out how he can best utilize his front starter, but until then he can pencil him in for opening day. Epstein’s last choice with Garza is to let him run out his current contract and allow Garza to set the market based on his performance.  Epstein will reap the benefits of draft picks which is what he is going after to turn the franchise around . Players like Jeff Samardzija are just entering their first year of arbitration eligibility based on their MLB service time. Samardzija is a very interesting prospect who could get a good return, but you’ve got to think that Epstein wants to see him develop more before he starts to ponder his options for the former Notre Dame SP/WR.