Fire extinguisher prompts Hazmat and EMS Plan

A fire extinguisher prompted an EMS Plan 1 and a Hazmat Level 1 response on the city’s West Side late Tuesday evening, according to officials.

An unknown person sprayed a fire extinguisher into a number 49 CTA bus near the intersection of Western and Harrison, said Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Robert Perez.

According to the police report, a person exited the bus at Harrison, and while the doors were closing the contents of the the fire extinguisher were blown into the bus. The driver and the wall of the bus were completely covered in the white powder, said Perez.

Fire department officials called the Level 1 Hazmat and the EMS Plan 1 after arriving on scene, because they were unsure of the substance. It was also reported that customers and the driver were coughing.

No injuries and no transports were made, according to Chicago Fire spokesman Richard Rosado.

According to CTA spokesman Lambrini Lukidis, the fire extinguisher involved was not the one carried on the CTA bus.

Police are treating the incident as a battery and are investigating.