Final countdown: As season

There has been a lot of commotion coming from the Cubs over the past few days. As opening day gets closer, April 1st, the Cubs have been busy planning opening day celebrations and finalizing the roster. One has been more positive than the other.

The latest news to come out has been regarding $11.5-million pitcher Carlos Silva. Silva, who late last week was informed he was not going to be on this year’s starting roster, decided to turn to the media on Saturday for an unprofessional backlash towards the Cubs and pitching coach Mark Riggins. On Sunday, Silva was released from the team.

To many, this isn’t too big of a surprise. For the past few years, Silva has been struggling on the mound ending with an ERA near 14 in the last few months of last season. General manager Jim Hendry said, “that what he’s done the last few years, except for a two-month period is well below major league standards and who seems to have the continual problem of blaming everybody but himself.’’

This year wasn’t any different. After being assigned to an off-season conditioning plan, Silva still showed up to spring training out of shape but already expecting to make the team. Poor performance in camp and a dugout scuffle with teammate Aramis Ramirez didn’t help his chances either.

Originally, the Cubs had planned on trying to trade Carlos Silva while still paying off the remaining $11.5-million of his contract. That all change after his comments to the media on Saturday.