Fast Paced Tournament Scores

The 3-on-3 tournament between the four divisions was fun to watch and extremely competitive with $1 million on the line. The championship game was a 1-0 win for the Pacific as Corey Perry and the combination of Jonathan Quick, Kings and John Gibson, Ducks carried the way over the Atlantic Division and PK Subban, Habs. The amount of skill and moves were on full display with Captain John Scott scoring twice in the first game and making a big hit leading to Patrick Kane humorously dropping the gloves with the 6′ 8″ mountain of a man.

The Central Division got easily manhandled by the Pacific Division in the Western Conference’s Semifinal 9-6. Johnny Gaudreau of the Flames, Daniel Sedin, Canucks and Taylor Hall, Oilers had their way with nine points in the semifinal game. The lone representative for the Central based Hawks had a goal with three shots in the twenty minute game split into halves.

The Atlantic Division came back from a deficit against a Metropolitan squad that had some serious firepower nicely kept in check with good neutral zone play and back checking by Patrice Bergeron. Evgeni Malkin, Penguins and John Tavares, Islanders and Nicklas Backstrom, Capitals are all very good players who combined for two points in 20 minutes. PK Subban and Aaron Ekblad, Panthers had two goals to go along with the game’s fastest skater Dylan Larkin, Red Wings who had three assists in the East’s Semifinal victory.

The Championship Game was a million dollars split 11 ways and it would be a real attraction if that money went up tempting more players to want to participate in the game. The final was very competitive and the teams and celebrity coaches played it well even having Amy Grant challenge a goal that was overturned in favor of the Atlantic. Grant was the celebrity coach for the Atlantic with other country music stars coaching other teams.

The game was missing a few big time players from each roster, but the fans were loving John Scott who was the MVP and had his name chanted throughout both his team’s wins. The value of adding more money is because the NHL easily could do it while making it a much an attraction. Making it a $5 million purse would’ve made a big difference to a player like the young Larkin who doesn’t make nearly what players Kane or Doughty are. The season restarts on Tuesday with Chicago in Denver without Toews who has to sit out the first game for not participating in this weekend’s events.