Ex-Cops Arrested – Planned to Abduct, Torture, Extort and Murder Wealthy Businessman

Less than a week before Halloween, authorities uncovered a real-life horror story about to unfold. Former Chicago Police Officer, Steve Mandell, and former Willow Spring Police Officer, Gary Engel, were arrested on Thursday night and charged with attempted extortion and extortion conspiracy. The pair was found at their alleged “planned abduction site,” a vacant office location on the northwest side of Chicago. According to a written police statement, the men were in possession of handcuffs, fake firearms and phony police credentials, along with fake arrest documents made in the victim’s name.

Almost 15 years ago, Steve Mandell, formerly Steve Manning, was on death row for murder and kidnapping but was exonerated.

Mandell and Engel reportedly planned to abduct their victim while posing as police officers. The two men were apparently after the victim’s 25 commercial real estate holdings, which generated around $100,000 a month. Audio and video recordings taken during the investigation revealed an elaborate plot to abduct, restrain, extort, and then murder the victim. Over the past month, the office site had been renovated to include a large deep sink, long counter and a shower. According to FBI reports, Mandell and Engel met at the location and discussed, “using the counter and sink area to drain the victim’s blood before dismembering the body.” Mandell also allegedly discussed with another individual that Engel was familiar with torture techniques, saying, “My guy knows what he’s doing, he knows how to waterboard, do interrogation, psy-ops”.

If convicted, the pair will face a maximum penalty of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Now that’s scary.