Enigma: Bears Lose All 4 Quarters Yet Win Game

Tim Jennings intercepted a Cam Newton pass with about 6-1/2 minutes to go in the 4th to give the Bears their first lead of the game.  At game’s end, the Bears had somehow accumulated more points than the Panthers, and improved to 6-1 with the win.  This was an improbable result given that the Bears lost by measure of every other statistic I can think of.  This was far and away their worst played game of the season, which their home crowd had expected to enjoy as a runaway win.  After all, Carolina came into the game with a mirror-opposite record to Chicago’s and yet managed to push the Bears around all day on both sides of the ball. The worst offender was the Bears’ O-Line who were thoroughly dominated.  Jay Cutler was sacked a handful of times and pressured all afternoon and never looked comfortable in the pocket. Matt Forte had some signs of life early in the first quarter that quickly dissipated into fumes. The Bears anemic offense stood pat for much of the game.  Given the Bears recent good fortune with losses experienced by their principal adversaries to the divisional throne, the better strategy might be for the Bears to simply gather in front of a big screen to have a couple of beers than to actually take the field and risk their march to a triumphant season on having to play a game.

The defense couldn’t deal with star wide receiver Steve Smith as he torched Charles Tillman and any safety that was brought over the top to help out. Fullback Mike Tolbert too often managed to break free and break ankles in the open field because the line couldn’t get any push.  Cam Newton scrambled on one play to try to score from about the fifteen yard line but fumbled after a vicious hit at the goal line and to his great fortune Louis Murphy was Johnny-on-the-Spot and recovered the fumble in the end zone.  While the Bears blew the lead that Tim Jennings gave them they managed to put together a game-winning drive by making just enough plays to put Robbie Gould in position to do his thing as he nailed a 41-yard FG as time expired to give the Bears the comeback win and avoid an upset and stay a game-and-a-half up in the division. Basically, Carolina played an equally sloppy game as the Bears and the result was that the Bears found themselves at the end of the game with a slightly better point total.  I guess it was just a matter of the Bears being less bad than the Panthers.

Next week they travel to Nashville to take on the Titans, a 3-5 team that lost in overtime yesterday to Indianapolis. Chicago will again be expected to win this game, and fans better hope for a far better performance or the Bears won’t be so lucky as to post another point in the win column.