Dwight Howard

The franchise big man of the Orlando Magic wants out of town and to be dealt to Brooklyn, which seems to be imminent. The Brooklyn Nets have given a max contract to Deron Williams (University of Illinois) and acquired Joe Johnson already this off-season, and it appears they are poised to strike again. Howard feels as if his marketing dollars can go up if placed in a larger city. Brooklyn is headed by a joint venture group headed by Russian mogul Vitali Prohkorov and Sean Carter (Jay-Z), the two have moved the Nets from the Meadowlands in New Jersey to Brooklyn and are looking to be competitive next year.

Dwight Howard has said he only wants to go to Brooklyn based on the money he can make, which has hamstringed GM Rob Hennigan into having to facilitate a deal. The Nets are trying to move Howard, while bringing in other teams to eat salary.

The teams involved are said to be Cleveland, LA Clippers, Orlando, and Brooklyn.

Is it right for players to be able to force their way out of town?

Can Brooklyn compete with the other big teams in the East?