Dodgers Announce $300 Million Quantitative Easing For NL West

The Los Angeles Dodger allocated $300 million to improve their team to beat the San Francisco Giants, who are 2 games up in the NL West.

The Dodgers acquired Adrian Gonzales, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto from Boston and Boston received 3 top prospects in return.  The net effect was to shift $262.5 million from Boston’s payroll to Los Angeles’. Boston, who has been vastly underachieving this year, was presumedly thrilled with the result.  Josh Beckett was seen as a cancer in the clubhouse,  Carl Crawford had been on the injured list for most of his 2 years in Boston, and Gonzales had hardly lived up to the expectations that accompanied his arrival from San Diego two years ago.  Several baseball pundits consider the Dodgers to be nuts for having done this deal, but if Crawford ever returns to form and Gonzales begins to meet expectations then the Dodgers may have the last laugh.  In order to return to perennial playoff contention, Boston may be looking to rebuild from the ground up, so the Dodgers just helped them toward that goal.  The Red Sox are only on the hook for $40 million next year which is the least of any team in MLB, and the number could go down further if the options to David Ortiz aren’t exercised.  Effectively, Boston will have eradicated all signs of the Theo Epstein era, begging Cubs’ fans to question the likelihood of seeing 104 years being thrown into the dustbin of history under Theo.