Derrick Rose’s Return Disrupted by Blaze

The hyper-hyped NBA opener between the Miami ring-bearers and Your Chicago Bulls was much ado about nothing other than a stark reminder that the Heat are, in fact, the champs and the Bulls are, also in fact, still a long way from threatening them.  The pre-game ring ceremony was pretty cool as the court was transformed into a large projector screen, but all was anti-climactic once the game started.   After Rose scored the Bulls’ first two points on a slash to the basket, they never challenged again.  The game was over before it started.  It was a mismatch in the extreme.

Okay, so some of you will say it was competitive until about midway when the Heat went on a run that pretty much ended even your rosy optimism.  Rose’s night wasn’t anywhere near as good as we hoped and needed it to be after a very long respite from the game.  But there are some positives in his games that can be taken from the loss.  He played the most minutes of any player on the team, which says something about the confidence Thibodeau has in him this early in the season.  And Rose was constantly being switched and double-teamed by the Heat’s best players and he still managed to put up his numbers.  Unfortunately, he had five turnovers and went 1-7 from behind the arc, but those are things that can be fixed.  And, as positives go, the fact that Carlos Boozer led all scorers with 31 points in 32 minutes is something to behold.

This ill-timed game doesn’t offer Bulls’ fans a measuring stick of any kind.  The Heat took this game very seriously against the team that ended its 27-game winning streak last year.  Miami also understands that this year is probably going to be the hardest year to defend the title because of Rose and the Pacers.

The next time these two teams meet up will be Thursday, December 5th at the United Center.