Cubs Get Creamed

Last night’s Bears-Eagles game was supposed to be the marquee matchup in the NFL  The Bears entered the game knowing that every team in the NFC North had already lost.  This presented the Bears with the opportunity to clinch the North and rest their starters for the playoffs.

But that would be the smart and easy move.  Instead the little Bears took the field and allowed the Eagles to morph into the Oregon Ducks, and Chip Kelly’s team rolled over the Bears as if they were mere cubs.  It says a lot to lose by 43 points.  It says that the Bears don’t merit post-season attention, let alone a run at a championship.  Chicago did nothing right all night. They went three-and-out on their opening possession, allowed Philly to score on its first possession. The Bear cubs then turned it right back over on Hester’s fumbled kick return.  Quite suddenly the game was over.  The Eagles simply piled on.

Chip Kelly’s offense was dazzling in its read draws and formations and motions; it was something out of a Pac-12 blowout with Dennis Dixon leading the way. Except this wasn’t the Pac-12.  It was on the NFL’s biggest stage of the week, and the Eagles were heading to the playoffs with a win a win.   The Eagles played like they deserved the post-season; the Bears did not.  Jay Cutler wasn’t horrible, but the Eagles beat the Bears in every possible phase of the game.  We Bears’s fans are now faced with the ridiculous.  The Bears could defeat Green Bay and end up in the playoffs, which would be completely undeserved but for the statistical fact that the Bears are the least bad in the NFC North.  And if Dallas wins this weekend, the Bears could get the third seed.  Ha! This least-bad Bears team will face a Wild Card team who will give the Bears the smackdown they are due; too bad it will be televised. Let’s be honest, if we thought Philly’s offensive line was good, wait ’til we get a load of SF, Carolina or Arizona.

Putting the farcical Bears aside, let’s consider something more worthy.  Peyton Manning has 51 TD passes so far, which ties him for most ever.  Ordinarily, this would put him in contention for a Super Bowl ring.  Unfortunately, he plays for Denver, so let’s nix his prospects.  The Broncos’ defense is only slightly better than the Cowboys, and that’s being generous. Manning’s offensive output is obviously remarkable, but it will get asterisked by the failure to win the big kahuna.

The Bears could’ve wrapped up the division and sipped egg-nog for two weeks in preparation for their exit from the playoffs; however now in front of a Soldier Field home crowd on Fox’s late game Aaron Rodgers will come out of the shadows and rip out Chicago’s hearts like Green Bay has been doing for 25 years. Even if that doesn’t happen, Colin Kaepernick, Carson Palmer or Drew Brees will deliver the coup de grace to what has been a season of false hopes…come to think of it, it could have been worse.  The Bears might have been 7-1 and lured me into their clutches.  This Christmas I am thankful that the Bears were more obviously lacking than last year.