Cubs Extend Loosing Streak To Six

It has been a tough start to June for the Cubs.  After getting swept by the Astros June 1st, they then went to St.Louis where they were handed another broom and three more losses. 

It was a series packed full of drama but only on one side as the Cubs couldn’t get any help from their bats and little help from their pitching staff.  After their third loss to the Cards, Chicago pitcher Carlos Zambrano also added to the drama by making some bold statements talking about the organization and the embarrassing Cub’s performances.

“The problem wasn’t Pujols. The problem was the previous at-bat. We should know better than this. We played like a Triple-A team,” Zambrano said. “This is embarrassing, embarrassing for the team, for the owners, for the fans. Embarrassing. That’s the word for this team.”

Chicago was embarrassed as they went on in the series only scoring 7 runs over their three games this weekend.  Everybody struggled to get any offense going, Tyler Colvin didn’t get one hit in the series and Carlos Pena was the only player to get one past the wall homering off of Kyle Lohse in the second game.

That was not the story for St.Louis, who seemed to have done their scouting against Cub’s pitching putting up 14 runs in the series.  Albert Pujols will remember his weekend putting the ball in the stands four times, one at least in every game, and two walk off home runs to win game two and game three.

The winning pitchers this series for the Cardinals were Jaime Garcia, Eduardo Sanchez, and Fernando Salas.  Chicago’s loosing three were Ryan Dempster, Jeff Samardzija, and Rodrigo Lopez.

After the series there was more talk about what Big Z had to say than the last six Cub’s losses.

“Comments made totally out of frustration,” Cub’s Manager Mike Quade said. “And on that level, I can completely appreciate the frustration that he and everybody else is going through. The comments in no way reflect how he feels about his teammates.  The level of frustration is obviously pretty high around here.”

Quade also had some insight into the way Zambrano can let off his steam and frustration instead of steering it towards his teammates.

“I told him next time you’re frustrated, just come and whack me upside the head,” we can survive if I’m injured, but we don’t need him hurting himself.”

Zambrano did get a chance to correct himself and make amends Monday.  He apologized to teammate Carlos Marmol who blew the save in the third game leading to Pujols’ second walk off in the series and said that he learned that he should talk to his team before talking to the media.

“I do care for this team and I care for what people do and what my teammates think about me,” Zambrano said. “I care about how we play, I care about the way we do things. … I don’t think there’s anybody on this team that doesn’t care. I think everybody on this team cares. What I said yesterday was a moment of frustration. I apologized to Marmol and let’s move on, let’s play baseball.”

Lets see if this sparks the team or sabotages the Cubs as they will try to turn things around for the season.  They have lost 9 times in their last 11 games, Monday will start their three games against the Reds in Cincinnati where we will find out what kind of effect the Big Z will have of the Cubbies.