Cubs Draft has Theo Trio at Its Finest

Asst. to the GM

The Chicago Cubs’ first draft under the wonder trio of Epstein, Hoyer and Jason McLeod has been a smashing success. They have managed to do exactly what all baseball teams want: acquire young starting pitching and the glue guys with which to build a team. The Cubs took 10 pitchers with their first 13 picks, and Albert Almora(OF, Fla) as the 6th overall pick in the entry draft. This is exactly what Epstein wants –“chips”. ┬áThe pitchers give Epstein a sudden wealth of power-arm talent to fill what had been seen as a bare cupboard of young talent. In Almora, Epstein gets an outfielder with 5-tool capabilities.

Epstein’s other goal is to have utility infielders and a catcher capable of playing multiple positions. Epstein’s focus on arms and a flexible defense ensures that the Cubs will play sound defensive baseball. This is to ensure the organizations has an emphasis counting outs.

In Epstein’s and Hoyer’s time with the Boston Red Sox the emphasis was on multipurpose players. Expect the Cubs to continue to pick in the top 10 of the draft for a few more years; building on this year’s strong draft bodes well for the Cubs’ future.

The Cubs will not be the type of team that will be bidding on free agents or making dumb trades. With the type of chips they have and a stud infielder in Castro who could move to 2B if necessary, the Cubs will make the playoffs before Epstein’s contract expires.

Will Epstein turn the Cubs around?

Can the Cubs win multiple championships under the Theo Trio?