Cubs Become Spectators To Their Own Demise!

As feared, the Cubs are engaged in full-on implosion of postseason aspirations. The start of their homestand was just about as awful as you could get and, as sadly anticipated, the Vegas favorites came into town and pushed the Cubs further down the slippery slope that only a week ago saw them at 9 games out of the wild-card play-in game. Now the Cubs have lost 7 of 8 and have all but given up their lead on the cellar dwellers in Milwaukee.

Chicago’s pitching wasn’t the problem; it’s strictly the offense who’s to blame for this one. The Cubs were winning those close one-run games out west, and could’ve been wildly successful had a few things not gone against them, but all in all it was a very successful trip. The Cubs came home and what should’ve been a coming-out party turned into a funeral for the 2013 edition of Wrigley Field.

The Cubs lost another one-run game yesterday. The 1-0 final score was only a slim margin, but it was more surprising that LA only had two hits in the whole game yet they still won. This is a small, but very telling example of the ineptitude of the Cubs’ offense truly. The Cubs scored a combined 6 runs all weekend. The Dodgers didn’t have their two best pitchers going and still shut out the Cubs. Mattingly decided to hold back Greinke on Sunday, instead rolling out Stephen Fife only to get the result he desired.

The weekend series with the Dodgers was going to be a tough one however you sliced it, but with the Cubs’ fire sale before the trade deadline it became all the more difficult. Chicago’s road will continue to worsen as they start facing teams who are all chasing a playoff berth on a more consistent basis.