Count Down To NBA Lockout

When the clock strikes twelve tonight it will be the start of the NBA Owners Lockout against the players.  With time running out and neither side coming to a compromise the 2011-12 NBA season will be put on the back burner along side the NFL and their lockout.

Players and owners are having tough times trying to come to an agreement.  Some of these arguments are over the way that the salary cap should be changed, or the way contracts are offered, and the distribution of money.  Owners want to reduce contract guaranteed money and the length of contracts.  The players have tried to make some progress offering to cut their 57% gross revenue money that they currently hold, but the owners are saying that it is not enough.

Another big aspect that is being mulled over is the way that teams set their salary caps.  There is talk over using a “Hard Cap” instead of a “Soft Cap” which allows teams to go over their salary caps.  Some say that a hard cap would help the smaller market teams because talent would be more spread out amongst all teams, and this would result in more competition amongst the league.

So what does a lockout mean for teams and players?  After midnight the players will be made aware of the lock out and they will be informed that there will be no communication between staff and players, no more practices, and the players will loose some of their benefits that they currently have.

Everybody is trying to make predictions regarding the time it will take for the two sides to come to an agreement.  Some say that the season will start in January, others are saying they would be happy if this was done by January 2013.  Nobody knows how long this will take, the last time this happened in 98′ the season was only 50 games and they started play in February.

So we will all have to wait in anticipation to find out what will come of the 2011-12 season but my one suggestion is, don’t hold your breath.