College Improv Makes Nationals

DePaul University’s student improv group known as The Cosby Sweaters at one point had only five members. Now with more than 30 students who come to audition for a spot on the team, this year has proven to be the most successful since the group formed six years ago.

The Cosby Sweaters made the College Improv Tournament’s National round for the first time this year. Not because of sheer luck, but because of change.

Cosby Sweaters co-captain, junior Josh Arntz, says, “This past summer we were looking for something new to try, and musical improv seemed to fit us the best. We all compliment each other with our skills.”

Says other co-captain, senior Drew Kordik, “It enables you to get it out of your head and just go up on stage and play. We try to make people laugh and make them think.”

As for reasons why the switch to musical improv has been the best move the troupe has made…

Arntz says, “We finish each other’s sentences, we know exactly where we’re going, and the support amongst team members. I personally have not been a fan of singing until this point because the support level is through the roof. As long as you’re committed to it, you can do anything. We like it a lot.”

Kordik continues, “We all have a good time. I’d say we’re like a family.”

The Cosby Sweaters also do shows every Thursday nights at 10:30 at Studio BE in Lakeview. But when it comes to performing, it’s not about fishing for laughs from the audience, or stealing the spotlight from other teams, or the fact that it’s encouraged to bring your own booze.

Says Arntz, “It’s about the lasting memories. Having fun with each other–that’s all we really strive for. If a byproduct of that is that we make other people laugh, then great.”

And laugh they all do.

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