Coach Q misses second : Hawks miss another opportunity

Chicago-  Columbus ties Hawks for points with big win in Chicago, with twenty four games left both are trailing by four points for the final spot in the playoffs.  “I thought they started outworking us,” assistant coach Mike Haviland said about the Jackets’ three goal second period. “It’s unacceptable at this time of the year.

The Jackets grabbed the first lead from a shot from Chicago’s Keith getting blocked by Matt Calvert who then takes it to the other end of the ice and makes a real nice fallling backhand goal past Crawford.  Two minutes later Patrick Kane with a heads up take away connects with Sharp to tie it up.  Not long after the Hawks take the lead with  Toews passing from behind the net to Sharp for his 30th making it 2-1.

Antoine Vermette, Derek MacKenzie and Anton Stralman scored in a span of 5:54 in the second period to take and expand the lead to 4-2.  “We still have to hold our heads up in this room,” Sharp said. “We know what we can do in this room and it’s about time we start proving it.”

Chicago did get one more with another assist coming from Captain Jonathan Toews to Kane to get the game back into reach.  But that wasn’t enough with nothing going through in the third. “We got away from [our system] and they had some odd-man breaks and changed the momentum for sure.”  Haviland said after the game.

The Hawks have been with out head coach Quenneville due to stomach problems cause by an ulcer.  They have missed him for two games but he has been keeping in touch with the staff, “I spoke to him this morning,” Haviland said Friday. “You know he’s actually going a little stir-crazy there. He was in great spirits.”

Hopefully the Hawks can lift his spirits more on Sunday helping him get back to health with a win over Pittsburgh in a nationally televised game on NBC at 2:30.