Chicago transition committee launches website

Today Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Transition Committee 2011 announced the launch of the committee’s website..

The website enables Chicago citizens to upload their resumes to be considered to work with Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel and his support staff. A key interactive feature will also enable citizens to give the committe feedback about the website, city issues and jobs and also share information and stories with other Chicago users.

Former Inspector General David Hoffman says that the website is a great idea.

“This is a great start  to a new way of hiring people for the city. The Mayor-elect is sending exactly the right message – that politics won’t get you a job, and you’ll be hired based on merit alone.  And the system the Mayor-elect is setting up shows that he means what he says. He’s calling it a ‘fresh start’ and that’s just what it looks like,” Hoffman said in a statement.