Chicago School Bans Packed Lunches

Sounds like the cafeteria ladies won’t be getting fired anytime soon.

A public school in the city’s West Side has officially banned its students from eating homemade food for lunch.

From now on, middle schoolers from Little Village Academy are only allowed to eat cafeteria cuisine because according to Principal Elsa Carmona, who ultimately approved the ban, “Nutrition wise, it is better for the children to eat at the school.”

Furthermore, Little Village Academy is not the only institution in Chicago’s public school system to embrace the brown bag ban.

According to sources, banning home-packed meals facilitates monetary circulation for all businesses involved.

The federal government pays the school district for each free or reduced-price meal served, which in turn pays its catering service, Chartwells-Thompson, more fees for every meal served.

It may sound like a win-win situation in the business world, but in the parenting world, the ban has been raising controversy.

However, Principal Carmona assures that only good can come from the ban, saying, “It’s milk versus a coke…It’s about the nutrition and the excellent quality food that they are able to serve [in the lunchroom].”





*Featured image via Google Images