Chicago Latino Film Festival

This year marks the 27th annual Chicago Latino Film Festival. The festivities started on April 1st and will continue until April 14th. As in previous years, there are over a thousand films that are shown at this event. Some good, some great and some not-so-great, but there is a plethora of talent being displayed through these films none the less.

I decided to go check out one of these films for myself. Out of fifteen different films being shown that day, I chose to see a two hour long independent film titled Astral. It was directed and produced by Rodrigo Olvera.

Even though this was not Rodrigo’s first movie, it still seemed to lack a good plot and an antagonist. In my opinion, the film had some good ideas behind it, but the deliverance just was not there. It was actually pretty hard to watch. The film started off really slow and really did not grave my attention that much. The color contrasts he used were not pleasing to the eye, it had almost no music throughout the entire movie, the acting was not very good either. Although it did have some good still shots of beautiful landscapes of all around the world.

The Chicago Latino Film Festival is still very amazing event that happens every year thanks to founder Jamie Viteri. It shows off what great films latinos can make and hopefully start making it to the big theaters.