Chicago Hosts 2012 Midwest Valor Games for Disabled Veterans

The Veteran Valor Games is an Olympics-style event for disabled military veterans.  The games promote a healthy and active lifestyle in an effort to support community reintegration for injured Vets.  The games got underway at Soldier Field on Sunday and finish up today.  Most of Chicago’s high-profile venues have hosted events. Yesterday U.S. Cellular Field was center stage for archery and cycling events.

Participants spoke to the reignited camaraderie and spirit of partnership that the games have encouraged. Many said the games allowed them to meet other veterans with shared histories and experiences.  A oft-spoken theme was re-engagement with life, as many for many participants the travel experience away from home to the games was a liberatiing social experience that they hoped to continue over the days, months and years ahead. Competitors, volunteers and coordinators consistently acknowledged the importance of the event and applauded the organizers and sponsors that showed their support.

Vets taking part in the Archery competition mentioned the employment and business networking opportunities that the job fair offered, noting that some of them had received job offers and made good connections and some even motivated to relocate to Chicago for potential job opportunities.  The overarching mood during these games was very upbeat and the competitors were all just extremely grateful to get the opportunity to come out and be apart of something that allowed them to be active and competitive.