Chicago Code: Good Show, Bad Accents

A high speed car chase ending with a marriage proposal and a kiss; a corrupt alderman who runs more than just his ward; and a female police superintendent who wants to rid the city of rodents and their filth.

Just some of the action that loomed during the premiere of the new, Fox’s police drama The Chicago Code.  The show which was heavily promoted during Sunday’s Superbowl game, made its big debut on Monday, Feb. 7 on Fox.

The aired pilot provided plenty of drama surrounding gangs, murder and corruption…I mean you can’t have a show about Chicago without corruption, right? Key ingredient.

All in one night we learned a lot about the key players like Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals), the newly appointed superintendent, who plans to stop corruption dead in its tracks with her underdeveloped task force.  She chooses ex-partner Detective Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke) to head up the force, who isn’t all that thrilled about it. However, Wysocki is thrilled about carrying on an affair with his ex-wife, behind the back of his 27-year-old fiancee. A little sexy sleaze always sweetens the drama deal.

Wysocki, who also hates foul language, serves as an overprotective uncle to his niece Vonda (Devin Kelley) who is also on the police force. After Vonda was put into compromising situation with her partner Issac (Todd Williams) that left her injured, her wary uncle warned her of the dangers of having a “cocky” partner.

Meanwhile Delroy Lindo plays, the corrupt Alderman Ronin Gibbons who is tied to the Irish Mob and has no problem wreaking havoc or hits on the city. As the season progresses, there will plenty of head on collisions between Alderman Gibbons and Superintendent Colvin, as she has an undercover cop, Liam (Billy Lush) in place with the mob as well.

An unexpected tragedy struck when one of the officers was shot and killed, after accompanying Colvin to a meeting with gang members. The baby face officer, Antonio began narrating his story and his ties to Colvin, who helped him find his way to the right side of the law by becoming a cop. Sadly, his story ended in this episode as the two were exiting an SUV and a gunman appeared and opened fire, leaving Colvin with a cracked rib and fatally wounding Antonio.

The show ended on this note, a very personal one as Chicago Police have dealt with numerous police shooting deaths over the last year. Although the drama that takes place in the story line is a bit far fetched, it provides a good story line and the actaul city of Chicago serves as a backdrop. While the acting is pretty good, the accents are just bad and a complete diss to those Chicagoans who truly have the “Chicago accent.”

The number of viewers weren’t quite that of the Superbowl, which raked in 111 million viewers, but The Chicago Code didn’t do to shabby with 9.4 million viewers.

The show was created by Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield, who was raised a half hour outside of Chicago, wanted the show to set the show apart from other cop shows, including The Shield (FX) by giving it a different and more personal focus.

“I wanted to do it as a love letter to Chicago and I would have rather not done it at all than to do it someplace else,” said Ryan in an interview with Lacy Rose, Forbes Magazine.

Initially, the show was set to be called, Ride Along, inspired by the ride along program here in Chicago, but The Chicago Code title captures so much more of what goes on behind the city scene.