Chicago Children’s Hospital gets new digs


Like a well-orchestrated concert, one-by-one, ambulance-by-ambulance, children were being moved to their new digs in Streeterville.

“There’s families who are getting out of the ambulances who actually have a smile on their faces, which is an incredible testament to our staff,” says incoming Founder’s Board President Lauren Gordter. “They’re that comfortable.”

The Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago opens it doors today, marking a new age in children’s health care. But today didn’t come without planning.

“It’s been so impressive. The amount planning that has gone into this,” says Gordter. “It’s been a four year process of getting ready for just one day.”

The 23-story, 1-hundred and 25-million square foot building stands right between Northwestern Hospital, Prentice Women’s Hospital, and The Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago, allowing for Children’s Hospital to be just stones throw away.

“The research and availability of doctors,” says Founder’s Board President Sarah Baine. “Our babies used to have to travel three miles to get care, now they can just come across the bridge.”

But one thing different about this hospital, its designed for the patients to forget they’re actually in a hospital.

“It’s all the imagination in this space,” says Gordter. “It is very family centered.”

“Kids know right away, this is a kids hospital,” says Baine. “We are focused on them, but’s not child-like.”

But as today’s excitement can only be described one way…

“Spectacular,” says Gordter.

And with such a spectacular day, officials tell us the transports went as smooth as can be.