Celebrity Boxing!

A-listers Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg have been asked to reiterate their act for a real-life boxing match for Charity.

The CEO of The Celebrity Federation, Damon Feldman, has offered $1 million dollars to Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg, as the boxers, to jump in the ring.

If agreed to the proposal, the boxing face-off will be three one-minute rounds. Feldman has also offered Sylvester Stallone $1 million, to take on the role as the referee for the Celebrity Match.

Both stars successfully played their roles as boxers on the big screen. Currently in theaters, The Fighter, where Wahlberg starred as Mickey Ward, a boxing champ from Massachusetts and Ali, where Smith starred as boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, in 2001.Both received professional training for each movie and will be an exceptional match for the Hollywood Boxing Federation.

Wahlberg stated that he spent more money paying his professional trainers and having them, gloves and speed-bag travel with him for the film “The Fighter” than what he got paid.

Both are permitted to donate all proceeds to their favorite charities. Feldman is looking to raise up to three million dollars for charity from the event.

The fight will take place in Las Vegas on Feb. 26, 2011.