Cats Can’t Lose

Way back in Mid-November while everyone was apoplectic about the Bears play and ecstatic about the return of Derrick Rose, the Champions Tip-Off Tournament was held at the United Center between four team that are all dancing this week. The four team field included two number one seeds and a number two seed along with the Michigan State Spartans who gave Wisconsin all they could handle in the Big 10 Championship. On that night the country was given their first glimpse of a team that deemed to be one of the best rosters in the history of college basketball. Now more than four months later, that team, which won by 32 on that night, stand 34-0 and six games from perfection.

The Kentucky Wildcats are going to win the National Championship in a few weeks and no one is going to even come close to stopping them. The team they beat back in Mid-November was the Kansas Jayhawks who’re the number two seed in the Midwest Region, the region Kentucky resides. The Final Four is taking place at Lucas Oil Stadium approximately 190 miles from the campus of Kentucky. The Wildcats may not just win the National Title, but they might embarrass the field in doing so.

There’s a tough task in talking about the field this year because the betting lines are kind of similar to the PGA Tour is Tiger Woods’ hay-day. Tiger vs the field is what Kentucky is being bet against, and the odds are pretty much a coin flip. Would a team like Duke be able to shoot lights out for 40 minutes to knock them off in the championship game? Perhaps, but it’s not going to happen. Duke has to get there and in order to do that they’re going to have to potentially beat Gonzaga and Georgetown. The other top seeds are all flawed, Villanova isn’t big enough and their conference is a sham, and Wisconsin never lives up to its billing, not to mention they almost lost yesterday to an unranked Spartan team.

I’m not going to even come close to saying Kentucky won’t win, however a team that could give them a decent shot is either Notre Dame who’s in their bracket or Duke. Both teams are in the ACC, both are accomplished and have played some of the stiffest competition in the country. While both aren’t as deep as Kentucky, if they were to get hot they could make it a three possession loss (That’s how sure of them I am).

Herein lay the problem, I can’t even get myself to say that Kentucky will be tested, they’ll never be pushed to overtime, and even if they were to encounter a devastating injury they’ve got bench players that would start on every other team in the country, and be their best player. I’m not a Kentucky fan, but rather a realist. Someone who understands that smart money is the tell tale sign of wiser men than I. If Vegas feels comfortable enough to place them at even money to win the whole thing with Duke and Wisconsin at 6:1 to upset them then that’s all the proof that needs to be put forward. Kentucky is so heavily favored that I’d have a better chance of hitting a three way parlay than betting against them. Case Closed!