Buying Fake Designer Bags = Jail?

What would Marc Jacobs do?

According to New York City councilwoman Margaret Chin, buying a fake designer purse is a crime worth being put behind bars.

Every day in New York City’s Chinatown district and Canal street, dozens of street vendors illegally sell the counterfeit likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and more.

However, it seems as if those days may be put to an end.

Chin formally introduced a bill yesterday that would put a person in jail for a year if “caught in the act” of buying a copy-cat designer bag.

Besides the year in jail, the bill also suggests placing a $1000 fine as an alternative option.

In order for the bill to pass, it would need to be supported by a Council committee before being officially voted upon by the full 51-member Council.