Bulls’ Tall Order

If there ever was a must win game when the team who needed to win was up in the series that time would be now. But even if the Bulls were 3-0 I’d still bet on the Heat. No NBA team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit, but if the Heat were faced with those odds I’d bet on Lebron. In fact, I’d only be betting on Lebron. Nate was fabulous in Game 1 with 27 and 9, as he’s been all playoffs, but now it’s coming to a point where he’s approaching an Allen Iverson level. Iverson was a deadly scoring guard who stood a mere 5’11”. The more height-challenged Nate stands at 5′ 9″ but has grit like no other. Tonight might be the defining moment of his greatness in Chicago.

Robinson got to the NBA Finals in 2010 with the Boston Celtics, who lost in 7 games to the Lakers after leading the series 3-2. Nate was given a partnership with Boston’s then PF Glenn Davis “Big Baby”. The two were always in the sub-lineups together when Rondo and KG would come out. The two were labeled in the newspaper as “Shrek and Donkey” based on the popular animated film and their size discrepancy.

Nate has a significantly more important role as the starting PG of Chicago but with a far better surrounding cast. Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer are a hell of a lot better than Glenn Davis and Rasheed Wallace. So maybe it’s Nate Robinson that could be the key to this whole thing. If one were to take what he’s done in the past in a lesser role with a lesser supporting cast and project it into his current circumstances then one should know exactly why the 6′ 9″ “King James” will be draped all over Nate tonight and most likely for the rest of the series. In addition, Derrick could not do any better than what Robinson is contributing. let’s let the team continue on and let’s support the team as a whole; let’s not criticize based for the lack of one player.