Bulls Take Second

The Bulls took down their second win against the No.8 Pacers in the first round match up.

The Pacers were held to only 90 and allowed 96 points for their second loss at the United Center.

“A win is a win, but to be a good team, to get to where we want to get to, we have to be honest with ourselves and look at the mistakes and try to get better,” said Luol Deng

That has been the theme all year, what can be improved?  That is why the Bulls have the best record in the NBA this year.  Always looking over games and finding problems they can fix or learn from.

“They are defending well, and we are holding onto the ball. It is usually a result of too much one-on-one, risky passes. Those are two major reasons for turnovers. We have to clean it up.” Said Tom Thibodeau

Chicago looked like they were playing game 1 again on Monday trailing the Pacers at half 44-47.  The Bulls took back the command and lead for most of the third until the very end with time about to expire, Indiana’s T.J. Ford hit a 65 foot shot to tie it up at 67s.

The point of no return for the Pacers came with only a minute and a half left to play, Bull’s Center Noah finds Kyle Korver who hits a three pointer taking Chicago’s lead to 90-85.  The Pacers tried to get back into the game calling time outs and making fouls, but it wasn’t enough for Indiana losing their second to the Bulls in the first round 96-90.

Rose finished the game with another strong performance putting up 36 for his team followed by Carlos Boozer who had a double-double making 17 points and grabbing 16 boards.

“We haven’t played well, and we’re still up 2-0,” center Joakim Noah said. “I’ll take that.”

Danny Granger was the lead scorer for Indiana netting 16 points, Tyler Hansbrough first game performance was shut down in his second appearance getting held to only 6 points and 6 rebounds.

“They come at you until the final whistle goes off,”Hansbrough said.

The Bulls will face the Pacers again at 6pm Thursday in Indiana for game three of the seven game series.  Chicago is two games away from moving onto the second round where they will face either the Atlanta Hawks or the Orlando Magic.