Bulls Look to Close Series Against Nets

After a thrilling triple-OT that had more drama than anyone could’ve ever expected the Bulls have taken a stranglehold on the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals series and will be looking to handle business and get themselves some rest before they attend to their next task which at this point is expected to be the Miami Heat. Now although Chicago is 48minutes away from Lebron James and the defending NBA Champions, the true question is whether or not Chicago will break through tonight. Will those practices be enough and will enough time be given so that perhaps the great Derrick Rose can come off the bench and be a season changer for Chicago.

If Derrick Rose is able to rehab himself compete in uptempo practices and push his injury to the brinks then he will know whether or not he can handle the load on his body that’ll take to overcome the Heat team that dispatched of the Thunder in just 5 games of last year’s finals. Nate Robinson had a marvelous performance in game 4 of this weekends slew of games that involved every team in the playoffs. The Bulls was definitely the most exciting game of the playoffs thus far and with the way Robinson closed out the fourth in order to save the Bulls from a series disadvantage going back to Brooklyn tied at 2-2 is something for the ages.

Steve Kerr went on to say at one point of the telecast “Who needs Rose?” I don’t agree with that situation and with all the pressure that’s on Derrick I don’t think it’s in the best interest of TNT to go and make a statement like that no matter how important Steve Kerr was to the Bulls. He made a big shot yes, but so did Toni Kukoc, and the City of Chicago needs Derrick to be that knight in shining armor to come and slay the NBA dragon that is Lebron James. It’s what Rose does in the half court that allows Miami to have to work on defense. If you make Lebron James work for every possession down on the other end of the court and those big bodies can grab offensive rebounds then Rose essentially becomes a beacon of hope for title dreams.

Russell Westbrook is out for the season, now is the time for Derrick Rose to come off the bench and show the people of Chicago he’s the answer to beating Lebron, in addition a series with Derrick Rose would make if for that much more of a glamorous series.