Bulls lock up first seed

Cleveland- The Bulls came into Friday’s game just like any other match.  They knew they had to get a win but they played like they have this whole season, not getting to worked up and knowing they have alot of games left.

“We are the No. 1 seed and we have home-court advantage and we are not satisfied,” Bulls forward Joakim Noah said. “We’re trying to catch up to San Antonio and we’re focused on our next opponent and that’s it.”

Chicago stayed focused, played good defense, and at the end of the day they added another win to their record and locked in their No. 1 status.  Their determination and focus is the one big difference we can all see this year and that is coming from the leader of the team.

“Tibbs, man, is the coach of the year to me,” he said. “He’s been honest, holding everyone accountable, every time we step on the court.”  Derrick Rose said about coach Tom Thibodeau.

Chicago had a good first half hitting their shots, finding each other with passes, and forcing Cleveland to make tough shots.  The Bulls put up 54 in the first two quarters, the Cavs stayed with them getting 46 and trailing only by 8 at half.

“It’s a lot of things we need to tighten up,” Luol Deng said. “We all know that. We’re not panicking. The last few games, we’ve got to do a better job, especially in the second half. …… It’s stuff that I’m sure we’ll sort it out.”

The Bulls did just that, they held Cleveland to only 36 points in the final two quarters.  With strong rebounding and solid defense Chicago got the win they needed Friday 93-82.

The big men stepped up for the Bulls, Carlos Boozer had a double-double scoring 24 and grabbing 11 boards.  Joakim Noah challenged alot of shots all night, he blocked 6 shots, came down with 8 rebounds, and added 11 points for his team.

Clevelands big man J.J. Hickson had a big game getting 15 rebounds and scoring the team high 22 points against Chicago.

We will see what Tom Thibodeau does with his starters for the last three games the Bulls have to play.  Chicago will face their next two opponets on the road going up against the Magic and the Knicks.  Then they will wrap up the regular season at the United Center against the Nets.

“Our goal is much higher than a regular season game in April,” Boozer said. “We didn’t assemble this team so that we can have a great season and not be good in the playoffs. We want to go deep, and we have goals of hanging banners this year.”

Sounds good to me.