Bull’s Boozer Revisits Former Team and Helps Chicago Win on Road

Derrick Rose and the Bulls came into Utah after losing two tough games, but with the mind set to play hard and get a must win on the road.  Carlos Boozer, Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver added more drama both being former teammates to Jerry Sloan and the Utah Jazz.  Chicago started strong making their shots and drawing some fouls stretching the lead to eight at one point.  The end of the first was another story, Utah ended the first with a ten point streak and getting back the lead.

The second looked the same with the Bulls starting off hot and cooling off toward the end, they took back the lead and made it a six point game but the end of second Utah got back some points to cut the lead to three points.

The bench came up big for Chicago in the second half with Ronnie Brewer and Omer Asik making big plays on both sides of the court.  Omer checked into the game for Kurt Thomas and was hustling  making rebounds, assisting Boozer and Rose to hold the lead for Chicago. With some questionable calls by the referees in the fourth Utah got the game closer, closing the gap to one with not a lot of time left.

Utah’s star Williams and Chicago’s star Rose held a shoot out in the final minutes mimicking each other with steals, drives, and scoring points. With a minute left and the Bulls only up by one Rose drives the lane and misses setting up Utah’s Williams with the ball, Rose hustles down the court and pick pockets Williams to get back possession. Under twenty seconds left and up by one Rose gets fouled, making both free throws takes the Bull’s lead to three.  Jerry Sloan decides to take a time out and draw up a play hopeful to take Utah into overtime. But with Williams passing to his man Chicago’s Ronnie Brewer steps in front of the pass and draws a foul leading to two more points. The Bulls ended the game ninety one to eighty six, Derrick Rose ended the game with twenty nine and one big steal.

The Bulls bench helped with twenty five, Boozer’s former team held him to fourteen and under ten rebounds. Deron Williams of Utah was kept quiet with eleven but his center Jefferson had a big game with twenty six. Boozer had this to say after the game  “We (Brewer, Korver and I) had figured they were going to run some of the plays from our years and late in the game when (Williams) drove and kicked (passed) it, Ronnie got the steal and sealed the game for us. We knew it was one of two plays and we picked the right one.”

The Bulls coming off of two loses in a row this season have come back four other times with a win, their next game is Saturday in New Orleans at 7pm.