Bowl Season Starts and The Truth Nears

As I watch a bunch of Mid-Majors do battle before Christmas with some bigger conferences next week before New Years. I see Christmas presents come in from all over the country to my bungalow in a back alley in Chicago (Bills and pictures of Ex-GF’s with their much better significant others). I myself scarily see the truth coming that will be inevitable. The football season is going to end. It’s going to end for me once the Patriots are eliminated from the NFL playoffs, and once that night comes I will be a train wreck. This is doubling as a memo to my bosses that I may become a drunkard. However, until that day comes I will enjoy a blitz of games, all over the landscape. The NFL will basically be playing all the time after this weekend, and college football will be a nightly event that I will celebrate by trying to fatten my pockets with ridiculous prop bets that should tell me something about my addictive personality.

College Bowl season is upon us and for gamblers and patrons and viewers alike it truly is the greatest time of year. To say it is the appetizer for what will happen after the New Year is such an understatement, it’s like someone is serving a prix fixed meal and the Chef is Wolfgang Puck. How can I be expected to focus on my family, girlfriend, or anyone else for that matter? The buildup is better than hitting the nut flush on the river. The NFL Playoffs is an all day event, and it’s better than anything there is in the world, college football allows me to see who I want in the draft and most of the time the games turnout to be doozies anyways.

As an avid sports fan, I won’t really have anything to watch with any personal interest until the Patriots travel to Denver on January 12th, again thank the NHL. I know there is so much to look forward to over the next fortnight. The one thing that does sit in my side is the fact that this is all some sort a crazed drug binge that will have to come to an end sooner or later. Even if the Patriots win the Super Bowl and I’m able to not care about the Red Sox finishing in last, or the Celtics turning into the aged wine that has gone sour. The Bruins aren’t coming back lets face it, what is there to look forward to after the football season ends, the new season of “Girls”? For my Chicago readers the Bulls had a good night against the Knicks and D-Rose is nearing his return, but the Blackhawks had a far better chance for a title than the other team that inhabits the “Madhouse on Madison”, mainly because of the competition in the NBA more than anything else. So enjoy while you can fans, because once this football orgy is over there is going to be quite the down time before I can get excited about anything for awhile. Perhaps I’ll take up knitting, but no matter what I do I need to pick up a better hobby or I’m going to have a lot of kids.